Comprehensive Service

Our highly skilled team of repair professionals provide comprehensive repair solutions for any make or model of vehicle. Through our policy of constant improvement, our team continually update skills and ensure familiarity with new models, meaning that whatever make or model, our repairs will restore your vehicle to as new condition, getting you back on the road safely, every time.

With Brampton Collision Center, you get a professional team who can cover the compete range of auto body repair services you may need, from collision repair and vehicle towing through to exterior detailing, paint-less dent removal, paint and refinishing work, rustproofing and glass repair and replacement.

Using cutting-edge, industry grade technology and highly trained professionals, we deliver an outstanding finish to any vehicle, from the latest paint systems to 3D measuring and alignment systems, delivering superior results in less time, minimizing the time you spend without your car.

We are here to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, or we can restore your treasured classic car to new, whatever your vehicle needs, Brampton Collision Center delivers the superb, reliable service and faultless craftsmanship you deserve.

Quality repairs the simple way

As a preferred and authorized repair facility for leading insurers, we provide a one-stop solution for your collision repairs. After an accident, or when you need some work doing to your vehicle, the last thing you need is a complicated process to get everything fixed. Brampton Collision Center can help you with everything, from initial inspection to asses the damage done and the extent of the repair work, to the high-quality repairs you need. We can even tow the vehicle for you, one less thing to worry about.

If your repairs are covered by an insurance claim, we will co-ordinate with your insurer to provide a seamless repair service that returns your vehicle in pristine condition as quickly as possible, saving you time and stress along the way. We rustproof all our repairs to ensure your vehicle is ready for the winter, and we will even clean your car for you afterwards to make sure that its fresh and ready to go when you pick it up again.

Being without a car can be an issue, which is why we provide a shuttle service to make sure you can get to your destination. If your vehicle requires extensive repair over a longer timescale, we also offer the option of rental cars at a reasonable cost for qualifying drivers.

By simplifying the entire process for you, working with insurers and providing transport, we aim to take the stress out of accidents, reducing your paperwork and giving you peace of mind in your repaired vehicle. Our customer first approach means we are always there to answer any questions, operating in an open way so that you always know what is happening with your car, letting you focus on daily life.

Environmentally Friendly

We only have one world to live in, and its our responsibility as a business to make sure we do all we can to minimize our impact on the world around us. At Brampton Collision Center we accomplish this by using only the latest waterborne paints in all our repairs and other painting services.

The BASF waterborne paints we use dramatically reduce our VOC emissions, improving air quality, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to solvent-based paints. Of course, we would not take this step without ensuring the quality is unaffected, in fact, these waterborne paints offer the same durability as solvent based paint systems, reducing our effect on the environment with no downsides. This is why manufacturers themselves are now turning to waterborne paint systems for the factory finish on new vehicles.

We also back up our commitment to quality by offering our unique limited lifetime warranty on all our repairs, giving you real peace of mind. Safety always comes first, and you can drive away with your repaired vehicle knowing that it has been restored to factory new standards with precision and care, so you get the as new vehicle that you deserve.