At Brampton Collision, we take pride in our auto paint services. Our painting products are top of the line and similarly, we offer top notch auto painting services. Contrary to popular belief of painting being a one-time service, our painting involves a series of carefully arranged steps.

High Quality Services

It is important to always keep your car looking fresh as it is the paint job that people notice first about your car. In ensuring your paint job is not chipped, grazed or damaged in any way, we provide top class auto-painting services to exceed our client expectations.

Our talented technicians follow the painting process straight to the letter after performing a thorough inspection to determine if any rectification needs to be done to the body.

Fully-furbished Services

Our services incorporate the full package where we also repair and refinish damaged vehicle body parts that consist of all material (metal, glass, fiberglass or plastic) components. The technicians are highly skilled in going through the mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle. We undertake all structural and non-structural data research and come up with a final conclusion on what steps should be taken.

Cutting-edge Technology

With 25 years of experience, our auto-painting services are always up-to-date with the latest industry specifications. We pay attention to the newest emerging technology to comply with the latest automotive models out now. By incorporating our efforts with the latest computerized paint-matching software, we also keep the environment in mind. Amongst our core values is environmental care and we support this by using environmentally safe paint and recycling system.