Rental Vehicles

We are happy to offer you rental car services as it runs concurrently with your scheduled repair. Our objective is to offer a full-package service which eliminates the bulk backlog of dealing with third-party services. This sustains time conservation and is more convenient keeping tabs with the repair period.

A Wide Variety of Services

Our pick up and drop off services enables you to pick up and drop off cars at our facility. If desired, we also offer free shuttle services in place of this. With a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, clients are at liberty to pick the vehicle of choice. From SUVs, saloons, hatchbacks, compact, mid-sized, intermediary, premium and special vehicles such as minivans or pickups, they are all available.

Suitable Means of Payment

There are suitable legal means of payment that we accept. In the event of insurance compensation, depending on your payment strategy, we accept direct deposits from the insurance company. We also accept direct bill payment and compensation from the insurance company in case the vehicle gets damaged during the rental service.

Legal Requirements

We follow strict legal measures where we do not accept to offer our services to drivers under the age limit. We pay close attention to insurance policies that are inclusive of damage waivers. They include loss damage waivers, liability insurance supplement, and a personal accident insurance cover. We are strict on legal requirements as at times some insurance companies only pay for renting out the vehicle and not for damages caused to the rented car.