Rustproof Services

We provide the most thorough, in-depth, rust prevention treatment on the market. Complete with the greatest benefits and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty, we provide ample rust proof services to keep your vehicles spick and span.

Exclusive Services

Unlike other processes which are smelly, drippy and messy, our rust proof services was developed with the aim of better cleanliness and safety. Our rust proof equipment offers the best protection you can ever desire.

Rust Protection Services

With over 25 years of experience, we have gathered enough knowledge to help our clients reserve the value of their car. Our rust proofing services have proven to be more reliable as compared to the latest progress in modification of automobile manufacturers.

We offer effective rust protection by using preventive sealants applied to the underbody to provide effective protection from water, mud or salt for the undercarriage. This is done on the unibody/solid frame, fuel tanks, fuel and break lines, and parking brake cables. We make use of see-through formulas which actually creep and penetrate the underbody without dripping. This feature provides the ability to protect seams and crevices and maintains the factory-new-look beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

For a complete package, all body panels, floor pan, power windows, power door locks, hinges, electronic regulators, radio antennas and specific treatment of surface rust.

Economical Services

Our on-site services save hundreds of dollars in repair to fuel lines, fuel tanks, emergency brake cables and break lines. If you are concerned about saving money by reducing the high cost of depreciation, you need the services offered by Brampton Collision.