Windshield and Glass Work

Brampton Collision is your one-stop windshield and glass work repair shop. Akin to out 25 years of experience in the vehicle collision industry, we have set up the most effective routine and approach intended to administering gratifying windshield and glass work repair service.


While people tend to ignore scratches and minor destructions, windshields are one of the most obvious areas that you cannot deny noticing damage. Often times, the damage starts small till you cannot help but notice the crack or break extending over time. To prevent further damage, we offer windshield and glass repair services in order to increase protection and avoid accidents from happening.

Our unique, certified technicians examine the windshield and make use of our precautionary measures in order to administer the most appropriate action to take. With specialized tools, we employ stringent procedures where we carefully adjust the windshield to a better state than it was.

Affordable Services

Contrary to popular belief, windshield damage does not automatically translate to a new windshield replacement. Our windshield and glass work repair services sustain small damages as soon as you’re exposed to any damage. With precision, we provide the best affordable, alternative source to replacing your windshields.

Professional Services

Our team of professionals has wide experience and knowledge thanks to 25 years of experience. We ensure that we enhance original manufactured quality so as to meet the high quality standards our client deserve. We will meet and exceed your requirements and give professional advice on what option is best for you.